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Providing Auto Insurance in Orlando, Clearwater, and Lakeland, FL

Coverage and Protection for You and Other Drivers

Auto insurance covers policyholders from driving risks and other potential risks of car ownership and operation.  These risks include collisions, injuries, theft, and others.  Most of the time, these risks are covered by general liability in an auto policy.  General liability is good, but it seldom delivers the kind of protection that drivers need. 


Comprehensive auto policies provide protection that keeps drivers safe, secure, and financially defended.  These policies include additional coverage options and are unique to each driver.  At Business Insurance Center, we know how important it is that each auto policy reflects individual drivers’ needs and circumstances. 


We are an agency that believes in providing proper coverage to our clients, no matter what.  We work with you on an individual basis to discover and deeply understand your needs and we match these needs with optimal policies.   We do this while ensuring that we guide you through the insurance purchasing and policy-maintenance processes.  The goal is to help you learn about your policies and to make buying and managing coverage and moving through claims as quick and easy as possible.


Fundamentally, we think of ourselves as consultants.  Everyone needs auto insurance if he or she is to drive legally, so we know that people often have questions.  We answer all of these questions swiftly and completely so that our clients have the information they need to make the right decisions. 


We have the experience, the know-how, and the coverage options to make each client sure that he or she is protected as much as possible.  This gives our clients peace of mind and helps them drive with confidence.  


What does Auto Insurance cover?

Auto insurance covers numerous liabilities related to car ownership and operation.  These include medical payments, uninsured or underinsured drivers, theft, damages, and others.  Most of these liabilities are covered under general liability options in auto policies.  However, most general liability coverage is designed to meet state-minimum requirements and does not provide coverage that provides drivers with protection they need.


In order to ensure that you are covered appropriately by your auto policy, select additional coverage options.  These options range from simple to complex and from inexpensive to pricey.  Common additional coverage options include roadside assistance, towing and labor, rental reimbursement, personal umbrella, and others. 


At Business Center Insurance, we offer a wide variety of coverage options, each of which can help make your auto policy complete. 


These options include:

It is important to speak with an agent before making decisions about which coverage options to choose.  Sometimes this is because options are complicated and other times it is because laws, markets, industries, and insurance options change.  Regardless of the circumstances, our insurance professionals can help you select the options that provide you with the most appropriate protection and that are fitting to your situation.


Why Business Center Insurance?

We have more than thirty years of experience delivering superb risk management solutions to clients of all backgrounds.  Combined, our staff has more than sixty years of insurance experience.  This experience helps us move through claims processes quickly and efficiently. 


We maximize coverage and minimize costs.  Our longstanding relationships with dozens of insurance carriers enable us to do this.  These relationships allow us to ‘shop’ on your behalf for coverage and to create policies that completely match your needs, down to the last detail.


We consider our relationship with you an ongoing one.  We reinforce this relationship every day by providing friendly, efficient, and constructive service.  We are available to you when and how you need us, whether it’s online, over the phone, or in person.  If you need same-day binding and quotes in under an hour, we can do it.  We are conveniently located in Orlando but can visit you in other locations if you need.


To us, you are a partner and a client.  We consult with you on an ongoing basis throughout the year to ensure that your policies are current and that you’re satisfied.  Our agents stay current on trends, news, and other developments that affect your policies and keep you informed of these developments.  We guide you through the insurance-buying process and help you maintain your coverage with graciousness and promptness. 


You are our priority.  Our dedication to your ongoing protection and financial wellbeing is expressed in every service we provide and every interaction we have with you.  We persist until you are satisfied. 


For more information or to learn more about your policy options, please contact us at (407) 641-1169 or Email Us.


Business Insurance Center is proud to provide auto insurance solutions to Florida drivers in Orlando, Lakeland, Clearwater, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Kissimmee, and other areas.