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Robert T. Newsome, Jr.'s Profile and Contact Information

Robert T. Newsome, Jr.
Robert T. Newsome, Jr.
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Business Insurance Center - Orlando
Office Number (407) 354-9868
Fax Number (407) 447-1143
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"Business Insurance Center, Inc." has been trusted with the insurance needs of Florida families, individuals, and businesses since it was founded by Robert T. Newsome, Sr. in 1982. Bob has since transformed a small, one-employee agency into a widely respected, fifteen-employee agency in three locations.

Robert T. Newsome, Jr.

Robert Jr., preferably addressed as Bob, began his insurance career as an associate agent for Nationwide Insurance in 1993. After gaining a wealth of insurance knowledge, Bob started “Business Insurance Center, Inc.” in 1998 in Orlando. His success in this industry has proven his natural gifting for communication and creation of interpersonal relationships. Sales and business development thrive because he values his customers lives, not merely their business.

Bob’s primary concern is protecting his clients’ best interest. This firm conviction applies whether consulting for a single automobile policy or a multi-million-dollar businesses. No two homes or two businesses are the same. Your needs are unique. That is why Business Insurance Center offers a wide range of coverage and options to be tailored for your specific needs.

In July 2007, Bob established “Newsome and Associates” in Clearwater, Florida. His ability to oversee the operation of all three locations is unmatched. Leading by example, Bob excellently directs his licensed and accomplished team to provide nuanced care, assuring client needs are met.

In early 2011, "Business Insurance Center, Inc." acquired Southern Trust Insurance and added more “A” rated companies to their already large portfolio of insurers.

Bob practices a hands-on approach to business and is happily available for board meetings or consultations.

Bob and his wife Amy are proud parents of four children. They have attended and served at First Baptist Church of Orlando for over 20 years. To relax, Bob enjoys playing tennis and boating with his family on the lake.